The best games to help children learn

The best games to help children learn

“Playing is the best way to learn!” This is a phrase we often hear, because it’s true!

With free or guided play, the child learns a host of lessons essential to his development and his academic success . Alloprof offers five games to stimulate learning .

Play guessing games

Whether in the car or in a tent, in the rain while camping, guessing games are amazing for fostering creativity! And that’s a good thing, because our creative force is essential for:

Learn nursery rhymes or songs

Singing brings joy to everyday life, but that’s not all! It also works the memory . So, do not hesitate to learn several nursery rhymes or songs.

Whether it’s creating a volcano, making an iceberg, or creating toothpaste for dinosaurs,  doing science experiments can be a great way to make (math) problem solving easier!

To make science-based activities more effective, you can ask your child questions during them. For instance :

You can kill two birds with one stone by inviting your primary school child to play Alloprof’s Vegetable Garden in Danger game. In the shoes of a small carrot, your child will have to try to save his vegetable garden by getting his hands on nouns, determinants, verbs, etc. In short, it’s a fantastic game for practicing word classes .

Children love stories. Young or old, they can work on their understanding of texts thanks to the Grimoire reading game , which offers a great library of texts by great Quebec authors like Simon Boulerice and Gilles Vigneault.

As your youngster reads, he must answer questions and each correct answer allows him to feed a little monster… and improve his reading skills!

Delegate when the situation allows

If homework time is hell, you can very well entrust this task to someone else, when the situation allows it: a babysitter, a neighbor or a  tutor  who could help your child. Is it really worth spoiling the time you spend with your child when the outcome could be much more profitable with someone else? The majority of children do not oppose as much with a stranger as with their parent… Don’t beat yourself up! Being a good parent does not mean being there at all times, in all situations. Sometimes these kinds of decisions have to be made.

Homework time is difficult for many parents and children. We must therefore be conciliatory and accept that everything is not perfect. Sometimes taking a moment to play and laugh also defuses many situations. Then, try to follow these little tips with patience and without putting too much pressure on yourself. The situation should improve, so that you can live this moment harmoniously as a family.

Do not hesitate to modify the tips mentioned regularly, especially if your child has an  attention deficit disorder . You will notice that these only last for a short time. After some time they become less effective and need to be changed. That’s why you shouldn’t be short of ideas if you want to get through this pivotal moment of the day, evening after evening

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