6 good reasons to hire a tutor

hire a tutor

Much more than a trend that has grown in recent years, tutoring represents first and foremost a fruitful and enriching relationship between a young person and his or her tutor. But what are the reasons, the situations where a tutor could help your child? Here are 6.

Reason 1: I feel like a dinosaur when it comes to helping my child with homework and lessons.

Explaining to your 7-year-old child the difference between a determiner, a noun, an adjective and a verb… Phew, not easy! Even more difficult to help his teenager who mixes the laws of Boyle-Mariotte, Charles and Gay-Lussac… Even though you didn’t even take chemistry lessons in high school.

Each tutor has in-depth knowledge of each subject they teach. Well equipped, he knows how to popularize any concept, from the simplest to the most complex.

Reason 2: I would like to help my child, but I don’t have the time.

Tutoring is THE solution of choice for parents who, despite all their good will, lack the time to accompany their child in his homework and lessons. A great way to stop feeling guilty! While you’re coming home from work or cooking dinner, a knowledgeable person is there for your child(ren) 100%.

Reason 3: My patience tank is empty. It always ends in a squabble!

Go figure why, but most children, regardless of age, are generally more open to feedback and suggestions from their tutor than from their own parents. What if hiring a tutor was the solution to regaining family harmony?

Since the tutor does not have a relationship of authority with the young person and instead develops a relationship of trust, he or she can manage to “pass on messages” more easily. Moreover, the key to success lies in the tutor-child pairing. It is therefore necessary to ensure the compatibility of the personality and interests of the student and his tutor.

No need to panic or throw in the towel right away: the school year is not over. There is still time to climb the slope. The tutor will collaborate with the parents, their child and his or her teacher(s). This way, you will be able to establish realistic goals together and a game plan to achieve them.

A guardian is not a saviour. But in addition to explaining to him the material that is causing him difficulty and suggesting exercises, he will also suggest effective learning and organization strategies. Then it is your child’s responsibility to apply them!

Reason 4: My child is experiencing a temporary difficulty.

Usually, everything is under control in French, but your little teenager doesn’t understand anything about figures of speech? In such a situation, a few hours of tutoring are usually enough to solve the problem. The same notions explained in different ways, with different examples, and hop, it clicks!

Reason 5: It’s too easy in class and my child is bored.

The problem with having a gifted child is that he or she may end up getting bored if the stimulation is lacking. Consequence: a dizzying drop in motivation. To prevent this from happening, you can ask a tutor, not to review the material covered in class, but to go further. Of course, he will be able to make sure that the child has done his homework, but above all he will give him exercises that are more difficult to perform.

It’s true, many children (and parents) do well without the help of a tutor. But it’s also true that thousands of little Quebecers are doing better thanks to this outside help.

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