10 tips to help your child prepare for exams

child prepare for exams

Is your child going to take their end-of-year exam soon? In this period of health crisis, he can be particularly troubled and find it difficult to manage stress. This is why it is essential to accompany him during his revisions! Our advice to help him stay motivated until the end.

1. Manage your own stress

Don’t add stress to stress . If you ask your child several times a day where he is, what subjects he has studied, if he has done well, you are in the middle of a stress zone .

The solution ? Keep track of all your exam-oriented questions. If you go over 5 a day, practice talking about something else so you don’t stress him out more. Be calm and serene so that he is also calm during his revisions.

2. Help him better control his time

Take stock of his revisions with him and plan his learning together before D-Day. Prepare together a “special exam” shopping list at his side where he can cross out the revised chapters one by one.

3. Don’t compare

Exit the “me at your age” . Unconstructive, it only reflects our fears and our difficulty in admitting that our children are not from the same era. The important thing? Support them without suffocating them and let them try.

4. Encourage him to take breaks

Also, make sure he doesn’t spend his day chowing down on math formulas. It is better to have a 1h30 review session followed by a real break , rather than non-stop sessions… Alternating disciplines and marking out the work soothe the brain! And your child needs it!

5. Trust Him

For example, if he tells you that he works better in a group and that it motivates him, let him do it that way. In addition, studying in a network can be beneficial for many pupils and students. It is important to give him the choice.

6. Make yourself useful

Manage summons, ID, passing times, study the route to the examination center: you can always relieve your child of administrative tasks. One way to let him focus on the essentials: revisions .

If he wants to manage everything himself, check it out anyway: stress can lead to confusion.

7. Don’t talk about failure

Our children need to be reassured , especially after these last complicated months of health crisis. Either way, positivity helps keep you motivated all the way. To encourage him, you can advise him to focus on the present moment, on the revisions and not on the result.

8. Make sure he eats well

At the table, favor foods rich in phosphorus, such as fish, but also complex sugars (cereals, pulses, bananas, chestnuts, etc.), which guarantee constant energy, and fruits .

9. Watch his pace

Sleep is the key to good assimilation. Having a good sleep cycle promotes brain recovery and helps with memory. As for late revisions the day before the exam, they are normally contraindicated.

10. Show him your support

Cook his favorite dish, slip snacks into his bag… Everything is good to comfort him. Attentions that are worth more than constant surveillance. Because good support often hides in the details.

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